Ibaadat Foundation, A Charitable Trust established under the Indian Trusts Act


शायरी, कविता- चाहे किसी भी जुबां में हो-दिल और रूह से निकली हुई आवाज़ है.
Poetry is the most beautiful verbal expression of human emotion. It is eternal—poetry written hundreds of years ago remains relevant even today. In fact, nothing moves the human heart as does poetry.

ये कहा जाता है कि जो बात एक शेर या छंद में निहां होती है वो पोथी में भी बयाँ नहीं हो सकती है... 
दर्द को दिल में जगह दे शायर 
इल्म से शायरी नहीं होती

However, while we are touched by poetry, especially that which is set to music and which has become popular through cinema, and while we eulogise the singers whose soulful renditions bring this poetry into light, we have virtually no knowledge or appreciation of the real genius-the shaayar- the creative fount- who is ignored, unsung and, more often than not, forgotten.

Our aim at Ibaadat is to work towards reducing this injustice. It is our effort to bring to the centre stage those who are the soul- the ruuh of poetry and try and provide them their rightful place in the hearts and minds of all poetry and music lovers. It is also our humble effort to try and encourage and provide whatever assistance and support we can to poets and artistes who keep the flame of poetry burning bright.

Just hear the pain and aspirations of this young poet…
अमीर-ए-शहर का दिल तंग हो गया वरना
क़दम क़दम पे यहाँ मीर जौक ग़ालिब हैं

The activities of Ibaadat are funded through the corpus and continuing contribution of the Trustees, by donations received from friends, and by advertisements released in the Programme Souvenirs. (Ibaadat is not open to sponsorships and ticket sales).

Ibaadat Foundation...bringing poetry to life

Ibaadat Shows

To provide poets their rightful place, the shows of Ibaadat entirely focus on literary and lyrical geniuses. In order to accomplish this, Ibaadat employs new and continuously evolving formats. Rather than the conventional style which has predominance of songs, interspersed with some comments/shers, Ibaadat makes it far more interesting and informative. 

Each program showcases a particular poet, his life and his works, through dialogues, conversation and anecdotes relating to the poet. These are interspersed with 15-20 of his most lyrical compositions sung by consummate singers. Dramatic presentation through dances is introduced when appropriate. Notable pieces of the poet’s works are rendered, with explanations for difficult words in order to also reach out to the entire audience. Some family members of the poet are also invited to be a part of the show, to bring a more personal touch and perspective to the narrative.

Tribute to Deepali Joshi Shah